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Coin in Glass and Glass Breaking Table w/ Case & Table Base
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Coin in Glass and Glass Breaking Table w/ Case & Table Base

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Weight: 7.600 kg
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Coin in Glass and Glass Breaking Table W/ Case & Table Base

This is a combination prop with the most two tremendous tricks ever, coin in glass and glass breaking trick.
The performer begins by displaying a half dollar.  He then tosses it but suddenly it vanish only to be heard arriving across the room. The coin visibly penetrates an inverted tumbler, landing in a mouth-up shot glass.
After that, the magician puts a glass, wineglass or fluorescent tube on a table and then he moves some meters away; He pretends he's concentrating. After a few seconds the glass blows out! The glass may be covered with a colorless bell-type cover or a plastic bag.

The combination tricks cause such an effect that the audience will remember forever.
All the items that you need for this trick can be put in the case.
No mess, portable, quick setup.

This amazing whole suit prop can be performed either on the tabletop or atop the carrying case as they both screw into the table base.
The most functional and economical prop in the world. It can be used for coin in glass performance, glass breaking performance, a common tabletop.

Dimensions of tray: 41cm*31.5cm*3 cm
Dimensions of carrying case:44cm*41cm*10cm

Complete with: a tray+remote control+Organic glass cover+Table Base+Carrying Case+video with complete instructions.

You should prepare for a coin(a half dollar or any coin is smaller than a half dollar coin), 9 volt alkaline batteries, common glass.

The effect is same as the one of Coin In Glass and Glass Breaking Tray Combination Trick.

Shipping the product has a dimensional weight: 7.6kg

The product and case actual weight:6.1kg



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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