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Guri Guri Card by Shigeru Sugawara
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Guri Guri Card by Shigeru Sugawara

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Guri Guri Card by Shigeru Sugawara

Have Spectator select one card from deck of cards and memorize the card.
The card is returned into the deck and the deck of cards is well shuffled.

Magician is now trying to find the chosen card, however, it’s almost impossible….
The magician seems to lack confidence in deciding one card, so he picks two cards from the deck.

Unfortunately, the two cards are not the chosen card.
It’s not end of the trick, he has NOT made any mistake yet.
He is now rubbing the two cards in front of their eyes, then one of the cards change into the chosen card in the blink of an eye!!

・New gimmicked system makes the effect super visual!
・No techniques are required!

ONLY Sugawara can come up with the incredible effect!

Shigeru Sugawara
If you have ever purchased Tenyo’s items before, you have seen his name at least once, on such items as “Fortune Donut”, “The Gorilla Bar”, “Squeeze Play”, etc…..
The Success of Tenyo would be impossible without Sugawara.


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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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