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Multiplying Coin Tray - Professional (ARCHAIZED SILVER-PLATED EDITION)
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Multiplying Coin Tray - Professional (ARCHAIZED SILVER-PLATED EDITION)

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Multiplying Coin Tray - Professional (ARCHAIZED SILVER-PLATED EDITION)

The MULTIPLYING COIN TRAY is a "classic" of magic. Many routines are possible with the aid of this cleverly designed prop.

One of the many effects possible with the MULTIPLYING COIN TRAY is where the performer counts a number of coins onto the tray. These are poured into an empty hat. BUT—when the coins are counted they have multiplied in number.

Another basic routine is as follows: Six coins are counted out onto the tray, and the spectator chooses one. From across the stage, you pour the tray into another spectator's hands, and he closes his fist, holding them tight. Now you make the spectator’s coin vanish (using your favorite method), and the second person opens his hand to find all six coins!

- Making change was never so easy!
- Add trick coins or ordinary change to coins already on the tray.
- Archaized and silver-plated
- Excellent Quality



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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