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ATTENTION:We just have the account in our website and do not have any other account
!If you receive any mails or calls asking you to transfer the money to other account ,that is fraud !Please do not pay the money to any other account and contact us(calling is better ,phone number:+86-13955267542) as soon as possible!

         1. Western Union Transfers

Pay by western union after your order is created.To get more info, please check Http://

With transaction fees paid by buyer!

Our Western Union information:
Receiver: LINHONG  YAO  First Name: LINHONG   Last NameYAO
Or Receiver: Guanhua  Ni  【First Name: Guanhua   Last NameNi

Receiver's Address: Wuxi city, Jiangsu, China
Postal Code:214000   
After successfully transferring the funds, please send the following information to :

1. Your Order Number

2. Western Union MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)

3.Sender's First and Last Name

4.Transfer country

5.Your remittance

You will receive the status of your order via E-mail after the payment is confirmed.

2. Paypal

PayPal The safer , easier way to pay.

3.9%+0.3$ Subcharge on Total as paypal fees and exchange fees.

We accept paypal payment only if the amount(including shipping Fee) is under US$3000. Authorized letter will be requested if payment amount exceeds (Western union transfer or bank transfer is recommended if that happens)


According to the rules of Paypal, we must send package to the address from Paypal account. So please make sure the address in your paypal is the right shipping address before you pay for your order. To avoid any problem in future, please make sure the shipping address in your order and Paypal account be same, or we can't handle your order in time.  


If you don’t have paypal account, it doesn’t matter. You can also pay via paypal with your credit card or bank debit card.


Please login at to get more information.
Our paypal account is :